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The "Finer" Things?

Postby Goosetownbob » Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:46 pm

I'm really amazed that there are no posts here Yet! :no comment I know that a lot of watch people are into many other of life's finer "things" :ears Personally, I'm a collector with varied interests....I have modest collections of firearms, cutlery,miniature toy soldiers,model airplanes,sports cards, marbles,and,casino chips,as well as watches! A varitable collecting Fool am I :Doh Now not being idependently collections are semi-fine @most :super cry ....but then again, Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder :oohya! I tend to jump from one type of colecting to another over time. Lately, watch collecting has monopolized my time in great part due to the abundance of watch Forums dedicated to it and the fact that Watches are of practical use on a daily basis. I think sharing here would make for a more multifaceted community of interests......whatever that means :hmmm Goosetownbob..... Oh ya,for me the Really Fine Things in life are "Free"to Have and Enjoy.....God, Family and Country !:jacks :woohoo :oohya! :clap :wow
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